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Sam Guido
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671 S Mesa Hills, Suite B
El Paso, TX  79912
(915) 833-8121
(915) 526-0805
Email:  sguido@citybanktexas.com
Website: www.elpasomtg.com
NMLS #: 464447


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Contact Us
City Bank Mortgage
6440 Escondido
El Paso,  TX  79912
Direct: (915) 833-8121
Fax:(915) 833-8486
Email: sguido@citybanktexas.com

If you have financing or general loan questions, please contact one of our branch offices and speak with a loan officer.  Only loan officers can quote interest rates, give you financing information and answer your questions.  You can find a listing of our branches and loan officers in the Directory in the Company Info section.

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